Metabods - Call for stories

Hi folks! I just wanted to quickly share my love for GSS (I’ve discovered a lot of great stuff here), and also to let the authors here know you’re welcome to submit to Metabods as well. A few authors have a presence on both sites already, and I’d love to have more.


If you want to touch base with me first about whether your story would be a good fit, message me here, or you can use the form on the contact page.

Thanks and respect for all the hard work you put into your stories! (No pun intended, honest.)


I’M one of those people! I just found three of my stories over there! Go me!!! That’s super cool.

Very cool. If there are more you think would work well on MB, let me know!

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I just submitted PHOLUS REBORN – a personal favorite. A man inherits an elixir imbued with the spirit of the old centaur god, Pholus. I didn’t know how to make the “tags” work, tho.

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Metabods!!! :heart_eyes:

BRK, I just want to say, you are an excellent writer of erotica, and also an absolute beast for running Metabods so diligently and excellently. When I first found Metabods a couple of years ago, your stories in particular made me feel like I’d accidentally stumbled across this vast store of (sexy) treasure. Mind and Body remains a particular favorite. Plus the Blue Banana stories… and The Dudes… You’ve got such a playful, warm style. It’s so distinct, and so fun to read.

There are a couple of erotica authors I’ve recently started chatting with, and your name comes up in conversation sometimes as an inspirational model, haha.


Wow, thanks for the praise. MB is an important part of my life, and it means a lot that other people enjoy it too. The stories you mention were some of my favorite ones to work on, too. Cheers!

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