Does anyone else like the idea of a gay guy hypnotising a hot married guy and stealing him from his wife? Making the idea of sex with his wife a complete turn off for him


Yeah I like that. I think there must be at least 50 such stories on this website… :wink:

I’ve had the idea of a guy who slowly hypnotizes his way through the family who live next door to him: he befriends and seduces the husband for obvious reasons, and then he hypnotizes the wife and kids to keep them under control: maybe just to convince them that everything is normal, and/or stop them from spilling the beans about his affair with the husband. Maybe the last scene/chapter is him meeting the jock son who has been off at college for the duration of the story, and then hypnotizes him for a threeway with the husband.


I think I will incorporate something into my Tommy the Twink series, where he seduces his hot straight married neighbour away from his wife

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Love it!

like that idea a great deal, i have said this before and i know what others think, but also like idea of a gay man turning straight

Really? Id say that’s one of my biggest turnoffs. Anything involving str8 sex or gay men turning str8 makes me :face_vomiting:

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I think I can see that idea. But if used on this site, I think a good use of it would be as revenge for some character defect.

i remember reading a story years ago, about a guy who was obsessed about a rough guy, follows him but instead of having sex with him, he gets turned straight had kids etc, as i say its not everyone things, but i found the story very arousing

Yes to show him what he has truly been missing and that as time goes on he forgets he actually had a straight life much to the wifes evident distress


Ah, I really like that - forgetting that he had a straight life. :slight_smile:

Hope you can come up with that would enjoy the initial confusion and the eventual total rejection oh his past