Writing styles

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Surely it depends on what you are writing about. If you are writing about a very particular place and time there’s no reason why you can’t do that in a short amount of words.
My story ‘Breaking’ was written deliberately to be short because it was designed to be about a final submission of somebody who had been taken and was now being enslaved. I wanted to focus on the actual thoughts as they happened to the main character at this time and therefore wasn’t concerned with the physical attributes of the characters or the location or what had gone before because they weren’t integral to the moment.

I’m just going to drop this subject at this point. I like my stories longer. That’s all I was trying to say. You’re free to like what you like and write whatever you feel is appropriate to your story or style.

I hope I wasn’t too annoying! :laughing:

Indeed. Please don’t think I was have a go at you.

Sorry, it was late and I think I took the conversation the wrong way a bit. But yeah, to both of your points, there’s nothing wrong with writing shorter stories at all, and I don’t mean to imply that there is. Everyone has their own preferences or styles.

It probably says a lot about my particular preferences that, most of the time, if I’m looking for a new fantasy novel and I see that it’s less than about 700 pages, I’ll put it back as being too short. Same goes for my porn, although my goalposts are in a very different place there, obviously, cuz I don’t think there’s very much gay hypno-porn out there that’s that large!

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I came to the forum to find a thread like this, so thank you everyone!

I’m currently writing what is going to turn out to be a rather long series, so I like the idea of splitting each story into multiple chapters. mulitiple chapters would kind of go against the format that I am aiming for, but I think it would be a better option than having stories that are way too long. My padding comes from overly describing the things that are happening. I find most of my writing is 1) details of transformations that are occuring, 2) the mental state of being that the subject is experiencing [especially if they’re having unfamiliar urges and desires] and 3) the sensations that they’re experiencing.

I think the best stories can be read within 8-10 minutes. You get in, get an understanding of what is going on, it gets progressively sexier with several different cum points and then wraps up in a way that more could be added later. Boypussy and Himringyo cum to mind.

I find stories too long when they take too much time to get to the action. Another bothersome story would be one that builds up too much “lore” or background info to bother retaining. So long as it’s engaging, the number of words may not necessarily be a problem.

Anyhoo, that’s my two cents. Thanks to everyone for the comments on this thread, I’m sure I’ll personally find them helpful when writing. Hopefully some day I’ll pull the trigger and actually post a story.

I would probably be guilty of “too much lore” in the past.