Who are your favorite writers that don't seem to be around anymore?

I enjoyed “Supplements” more than SEAL Trance but, yeah, VA23456 wrote some HOT stuff. Wish they were still writing…

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haha i agree, supplements is super hot but unfinished? i wish VA23456 is still active, or at least stays in touch. his email did not work any more : (


Oh gosh, I love Supplements! I also wished that it got finished especially since it ended on a very hot cliffhanger!

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Yeah, wasn’t the big brother going to visit his younger bro at the Naval Academy or something like that? With the promise of a reversal for the towel-boy who had been using the supplements for dominate the whole swim team? I would have loved to read a few more chapters of that!

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Yes and the swimmers forced the team captain to take the supplements and then they locked him up until the effects take root. I was waiting to see his demise but thats where everything ended


For me, it will always be Jonathan Longhorn and his Paul’s Possession series. I think he’s an author now so his works aren’t for free anymore. I tried emailing him before and he said he’ll finish his unfinished stories eventually but I doubt that. His stories are very similar to Robinhood70’s and Edlam’s style too.


I am sorry Trylithin seems gone, his writing was fantastic and I hope he’ll get back to writing something.

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I used to love the author of The Red Room, I believe he’s called Orion1961. He had a ton of work that was really good like Mega-hero goes down and The Manbreaker. They were such great straight to gay stories. I wish he would post new stories someday

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Same here i loved Orion1961. He was the first author i found out about when i first came to Gayspiral.

If anyone knows if they are writing somewhere else let me know. Those stories of his were amazing!

As far as I know, Orion1961 hasn’t posted anything. I believe his last post was an update to The Red Room back in 2017. I wish I knew his email address so I can contact him… but sadly I don’t know any way to contact him

I haven’t heard from Buffster67 in a very long time. Not sure if anyone else remembers him; he did Neighbor from Hell, and I Hypped to be Square with thom21.



I second “Baralai!”


Absman420, you’re one of the top writers for sure. You just happen to do less of my kinks (turning masc to femme, butt growth, submission, twinks, cd, etc.) But glad you’re still around bringing quality writing on this site. <3


@jai – I appreciate it, thanks! Truthfully, I’m so distracted by your profile pic that I’m absolutely tongue-tied.


One of the stories I’ve found captivating over years has been Morgan Blackthorn’s ‘A Breed Apart,’ a story of human enslavement by an alien race that keeps them as sex pets. I cannot find Mr. Blackthrone anyplace, and wonder if he is dead or something. anyone know of any other stories he’s written?

Honestly I really miss Canadian Cowboy~ His Coffee Shop series had a lot of heart to it~

Has anyone heard about Max Mann? Musclove, Texas is one of my favourites.


I really enjoyed Here4hairymen’s stories. I’d love to see him make a comeback soon!

While reading Book 2 of Pollination I was thinking back to other mind altering cum stories. An author came to mind, Nocturne13. Mysterious Boyfriend X is a hot story. All of Nocturne13’s hand full of stories are good. I hope he is okay.