What's a kink you guys want to see more of?

I know we all generally like mind control as a kink, but I’m curious to see what kind of fetishes/kinks you guys think could use some more representation in stories on the site.

I for one would love more age progression stories.

Cigars, dip, chew, tobacco, and even drugs. Why not. I even have a fetish with diesel smoke.

I’m all for butt worship, rimming, face sitting, skimpy briefs, thongs… and always the Dominant Bottom/submissive top dynamic heheh


I say I’m into leather and boots. And most people respond by saying “Yes, I like to wear them too.” That pretty much suggests to me they don’t see leather and boots as a fetish but as a fashion.

If one is into leather and boots, wearing it is like becoming someone else, it’s like being transported to the clouds, it’s like being a different person.

There are a couple of stories here of people putting on an article of clothing that changes them. Yes ok, but none of those stories capture even a fraction of the extreme elation of wearing leather and boots.


Men in uniform getting a forced bodyshaving, further humiliation, enslaved by gang of thugs

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Dumb jock/muscle (himbo) tops and manipulative bottoms (preferably older bottoms).


More of guys becoming hairy and burlier. Would love to see more of guys getting turned into truckers and construction workers etc as well


That got my attention!

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Surprising no one, clothes. Specifically, skimpy or slutty clothes, erotic parodies of uniforms or sportswear, whatever. Changing their fashion sense to emphasise showing off their bodies for other men.

And obviously jockstraps/jock briefs/anything bottomless, so they can learn to love the feeling of tight revealing underwear, and how much they love having their arses played with, rimmed and fondled at the same time.

I really should get around to finishing some of the stories I have planned out.


Butt stuff first and foremost - rimming, sniffing, fingering, fucking, facesitting. A focus on butt. Even farting can be hot. (Though I am not into scat or the dirtier element in farting.)

I also like small top and big bottom. I like dominant nerds and submissive jocks. I like younger men dominating older guys.

Clothing itself doesn’t do anything special for me, though it can be hot in a story.

I also like happy ending - which to me is when the mind controlled person’s life is either similar to what it was (just now gay and with a master) or better. This isn’t so much a fetish but the opposite is a turn off - humiliation ruins things when it comes to say destruction of a social life. (Mind you the idea of humiliation can be hot - like a jock thinking that he is about to be discovered and the events revealed.)

But yeah, when it comes down it to buttstuff. Especially rimming. And from the dominant’s pov doing the rimming of a subby needy bottom.


A white straight cop gets a fetish in black men wearing Adidas tracksuits. What happened before this and how did he become a gay sub for them would be a good story to read.

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I could never really get into the more frequent fetish of Small Tops / Big Bottoms. If you’re BIG an Hung,be the Dominant Top you’re meant to be.? If i am,sorry, if you’re small and weedy, be the Bottom Fag you’re meant to be…?

I just love one bottom being gangbanged by MANY tops. The type of story scenario where the bottom willingly,or most often unwillinglyu turns ordinary guys into butch arrogant tops (Watch What You Wish For etc)

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Mass mind controlled zombies


gradual sissy slut

Young dominant with old sub- with a pipe


Something I think might be interesting is to have some of the classic BDSM kinks, like bondage, S&M, or whatever else, but with an added hypno/MC twist.

Like, maybe the subject voluntarily gets into bondage, but then comes to the realization that they’re now restrained and can’t get out. Maybe they even remember getting into it in the first place, and are trying to figure out why they did that.

Or maybe some uptight, missionary-position-only type suddenly starts feeling the need for a good flogging, or we discover that they’re actively involved in puppy play (just plain old, regular puppy play…pretty sure I’ve seen TF-type stories with this theme already), but they don’t realize it themselves, because they have hypnotic amnesia of it.

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I’m a big fan of body modification/objectification, especially non-consensual / consensual non-consent. Better still if its within the actual current abilities of society, even if it isn’t ethical…

(And FWIW, I also love fantasy objectification like much of Cockatrice’s stories, I just crave things that could actually happen.)

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Muscle growth, converted to robot/cyborg/drone and reprogrammed, better if cladded in and controlled by full body armors.
But there is too less stories about body armor. Rubber/leather/latex uniforms could be substituted for armors.


For me it is about drugging also and forced haircut, mail on mail !! From man who have chosen for it and think it’s the only way for man to show their “make” enough!!! Proud to be gay anyway!


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