The extinction of the dumb jock and himbo

Recently saw an interview on the local news, with a college football player. The young man was opting to stay in college to finish his degree in Neuroscience, instead of pursuing a career in the NFL. Is it me or are what we called dumb jocks 30 years ago a thing of the past. Even the dumbest of young men know how to use a computer and have had at least one year of algebra (I know I’m dating myself). What is even more scary or disappointing, the modern slutty airheaded porn stars we drool over have college degrees. At least two have masters degrees, that’s what I read in their profiles. Have the dumb jock and himbo become a thing of the past

Well, no, I mean, you can have a degree and still have some degree of dumbness.

Either way, you can use your fantasy to make him dumb as you wish lol

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Very true. Just sad that an era of the dumb college jock who drinks, party’s, and gets laid is ending. Read a study. College students of today drink 1/5th less than college students of the 80’s and 90’s

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Unfortunately, reading the internet, dumbness is just as ranpant as ever - unfortunately, it’s not the ‘welcome’ himbo kind of dumbness but the really unpleasant one…


Yes I have seen stories on the racist political dumbness that threatens to take over this country (america) but that is a far cry from the airheaded gym rats and trophy husband’s I remember from my youth. Following the message boards I follow (I am a log cabin Republican). I have read posts by groups or people claiming to be members of bodybuilders for Trump, and the Republican Twink conference. So I fear that the days of the himbo are numbered.

They were never THAT big of a thing… but yes there is a cultural shift to the generalization of what was almost exclusively technical education/specialist pursuits. Thanks to the internet. Though that’s changed. We’ve gotten smarter at being dumb and not smarts isn’t just trivia, as that’s damn easy to fake if you know the code.

See “no likely mainstream cultural touchstones like Star Wars does NOT make you a nerd, etc” Or how superhero flicks are going on decade plus strong and well integrated as to specialist fodder only.

Bro and similar culture and interests ARE a thing As are entitlements and horniness but we’re also more conscientous of negatives associated (sexual harassment/assualt)

Which leads to MORE complexity
Not least there are horny socially adroit, drinking athletic WOMEN and they manage their rep too. And homoeroticism is more mainstream not JUST awareness and insistence on acceptance of homosexuality but posture and male beauty and flexing and so on. I mean internet stars now deliberately use manservice as much, if not as commonly as boobs to attract or play to audience. And even then the… artifice of it all is more well known (Magic Mike, have your beefcake and some drama too)

Its more how we justify male fanservice/eroticism, package it with some (some) drama or depth

Even the popular himbo I thought of on TV growing up tended to be emotionally thoughtful (Joey Lawrence) and maybe just being black but guys were dumbass players not himbos. Still obsessed with self and looks and girls and hookups but like it was a scheme.

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Food for thought: “himbos” are what happen when writers get lazy, so of course they’re not extinct. Digging deeper might yield more nuanced characters, but if what you’re into is a (too-often) white middle-class male between the ages of 18 and 30 with large aesthetic muscles and a swollen ego to match, low body fat, and an IQ too diminished to escape manipulation by the ’brainy’ main character, then you can find countless stories like that here and elsewhere. TL;DR: the himbo as a tired trope is alive and well, and easier caught than the flu but himbos never existed in real life, because humans’ motives and pathos are wonderfully rich and complex.

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These days, the most successful athletes often come from affluent backgrounds which affords them the best access to training, nutrition, facilities, etc. It can also afford them better support for school. Also, athletes often have driven personalities so it shouldn’t be surprising when they also apply themselves academically. And the Ivies have their own D1 conference. Though really there’s always a spectrum.

It’s a common story in real life that schools would often let their star athletes coast with lenient treatment in class if they’d otherwise have trouble. And who can forget Ryan Lochte. I remember on a talk radio station, this one host loved to put on a dumb himbo persona to make fun of Lochte, and I wondered what it’d be like if he couldn’t stop talking like that and ended up turning that stupid.

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