Stories about mild manipulation

So, hey guys. I’m basically making this topic, because I can’t hardly find stories in regards of what I really like, so I’m asking for your help. I love stories like “Swim Class Speedos” or all of Brian Porter’s stories from Nifty or “Slutty Naughty Jock” from here, which consists pretty much in a character slowly seducing or “turning out” another one, almost tricking them into doing some stuff. Has anyone any suggestion?

I think Johnny Manipulator’s “Arse Whisperer” might fit what you’re looking for:

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I absolutely love all of his stories especially this one and “the wrong text”. So sad that he doesn’t update them more often :frowning:

Hey, you might enjoy these stories from my old Tumblr! Lemme know if you have any others you like, I’m always on the lookout for more

man, i can’t believe it’s yours!! this tumblr was probably what got me into these kind of stories in the first place. i have some recommendations, let me find them real quick. (this one isn’t finished sadly)