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Have there been some changes to the way ratings are calculated? I know you said that they usually disregard the top and bottom ratings to come up with the average. For some reason (maybe that), the weighted averages on my latest story seem to be a lot lower than the actual averages on any given rating.

The weighted score also takes the total number of votes for your story into account. Since you only just got 12 votes so far, you’ll suffer from that badly.

But to be honest I just had a discussion and the penalty for a very low number of ratings might be a bit too steep now…

Sure we can drum up more then 12 votes per story easily?

Hi! Phone user here!

First of all, thanks for the update! You’re always there trying to make our experience even better!

I just come from reading a story and this is what happened:

  • I got surprised that I had the story bookmarked more than a dozen times, and every time that that happened I had to dismiss the ‘reminder’ of how it worked. It felt more sensitive this time than before, and certainly more distracting. I guess that I was triggering it with each scroll, or when I took a moment to finish a sentence before scrolling down. If only the reminder popped up just once I could deal with all the bookmarking with no problem.

  • I almost missed the voting! lol It didn’t take long to find that it was collapsed in its usual place, though. I hope that now that it’s semi-hidden it doesn’t become harder to find.

And apart from that, it was a nice experience!

Thank you Piko for your feedback.

I’ve changed the time you need to click on a paragraph before it tries to set a bookmark. It seems the previous value was too short. Also, I’ve removed the pop up. I think it might be more harmful than useful.

The thing with the rating is problematic. Before people kept accidentally hitting the rating bars when trying to scroll the page. That’s why I hide it now by default on touch devices.

You’re right, there is a good chance that this could have the effect that people rate even less. But I don’t know what I can do to avoid this…

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Today I’ve uploaded a huge update which I have been working on for a long time. I hope you like it.

The most obvious change is the addition of user profiles and avatars. Read more about them here. The avatars will also be your public ‘face’ on all your stories and comments.

Note that it’s absolutely ok to use naughty pictures (nudity etc.) for both the avatar and your profile pic. Only hard core is not allowed. See here for the details of what is allowed

Another, not immediately obvious change, is a tighter integration of the forum into the main site. You’ll now see notification bubbles on the main menu if there’s a new PM or posting for you in the forum:

The user profile has the potential for many other functions as well, let me know if you want to see something.

Also, since the image upload and storage infrastructure has been implemented now, it could be used for other purposes as well, like to be used in stories for example.


  • Implemented code to allow to upload and store pictures
  • Implemented the display of Avatars on all lists (series, stories and comments) and the stories themselves.
  • Added Profile Pages
  • Added bubbles for new PMs and other forum notifications to the main menu.
  • Bugfixes

I love this! It’s nice for people to be able to keep track of their own ratings and favorites from a central place, and share them with others. I think it’s really cool and appeals to my data hungers :smiley:

Two questions:

  1. is there an obvious way to change user names like you did for poor, reprogrammed Martin? This user would rather be Dace :slight_smile:

  2. are the reader stats and profile privacy things set to on by default, or off by default? I imagine new users (and I’m still pretty new myself) might not realize what settings are available to them when they first log in.

What a cool redesign, Martin… I mean, Sexdroid-013!

I noticed that on my author page, the stories I contributed before 2016 aren’t showing up. Is that just a temporary glitch?

I think it’s amazing.

You can use “Edit Settings” to change your name on the main site (the Author Name). And your forum name has to be changed separately here in the forum preferences.

The settings are on “public” by default. I.e. when the border is blue, and the slider is to the right, that stats is public.

Thanks for the feedback, I guess I have to work on the visual cues :slight_smile:

Thanks! Your old stories are probably just not assigned to your account. Which author name have you used for them originally?


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No, I’ve been Hypnothrill all the way, so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t show up. It’s a lot of stories too, about 20 of them.

I admit to feeling like the old guy sitting on his porch yelling about them crazy kids and their new fangled ways while pumping my shotgun and yelling to get off my lawn.

Basically I’m not really a fan of all the changes. (That said thumbs up fkr all the work you put into the site Martin.)

Ps. I’m thirty something and I own no weapons. Lol

Whoa…this is scary…but cool! Soon we’ll forget your name and just know you as this drone.


The old stories imported from NCMC or stories which were submitted without an account are not assigned to an account by default. But they’re still listed under the Author Name you’ve been using.

An “Author” and a “user” are two different things (which doesn’t make things any easier for me … ). Anyway, I’ve assigned all your stories to your account, so you’ll also get to see their ratings and they will be part of your statistics. And man, did you write a lot of stories over the years!

Thank you for being honest, I appreciate that very much. Anyway,I’d love to hear which aspects you don’t like or if there’s even something you actively want to go and why.

No one will miss or even remember Martin soon!

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Well one of the main things is the whole sexdroid name for the owner of the site. Shrug. I find it off. To me there is story and there is operations and mixing the two seems weird.

I’m also don’t find it entirely necessary to mix forums with story archive. (Though I do like the whole option in the archive when there is a post that needs to be read, though mine seems to be stuck at 1 even when no new posts are present). The adding of avatar icons is meh to me and so is the new addition of user profiles. Some of the aterial in orofile seems both off and odd to see, so I’m even less of a fan of many of them.

Some of the pop up info sections that occur in story also seem a bit off to me.

I miss the times, where Gay Spiral Stories has been a quiet place to enjoy reading well written stories. Or am I romanticizing this website in my memory? I follow its development with some worries. I always liked comments which often enhance a story in my opinion; but not the rating system (as if different preferences should be brought in a descending order resulting in a common average). Then all this flashing messages, pulsating icons, obtrusive prompts, additional bits of information on the overview page.

This website has become popular and in one way that’s great. But it also brings problems: The amount of stories lowers the overall quality, with the home page often being dominated by authors who publish two or three texts per week – bulk goods. It became difficult to find the gems.

I try to sort it by using the keywords, often in a negative way: feminization? slave? possibly nothing for me. I guess I’ll miss good stories this way. Sometimes I read stories with a lot of comments, they should be worth reading, shouldn’t they?

It’s difficult for me to express why I don’t feel that comfortable with and welcome on this website anymore. It feels so competitive, so nudging, so overwhelming. From time to time I post a story, too … to see it vanishing from view in less than a week.

Sorry for being that negative. I honestly appreciate the work you do, Sexdroid-013 (or Martin, a name for a person I feel more comfortable to share ambiguous sentiments with). Maybe myself has changed and Gay Spiral Stories just isn’t the right thing for me anymore. All the best, I’m confident you can keep this website a place for expressing one’s fantasies.

PS: Great to read your comments, Heru_Kane. I’m in my mid-thirties, too. Possibly we are simply to old for this :slight_smile:


There is nothing that can be done about a site becoming “more used” as more people discover it.
Can can hardly block people from joining? or from submitting.

On the bright side the very thing you want to get back to; finding gems, might be easier with the user pages.

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Martin, I’m not sure the ‘frequently revisited stories’ section in the reading habits part is working correctly. I have no memory of any of the stories I supposedly frequently revisit, and stories that I definitely do revisit aren’t listed there. What do?

Anyway, I can understand why people might be a little freaked out at first. It might have been better to have made an announcement like, a week ago or something, informing people that these features were coming and how they would approximately work. Maybe even got some feedback from the community ahead of time. To just come onto the site with no warning it kinda hits you in the face and I can see why it would be a little disconcerting and overwhelming.

With that being said, literally just a couple of days ago I was thinking to myself “it would be cool if we could get actual author profile pages where people could write about themselves/their interests, etc.” and here we are! Wonderful job!

I’m just not a fan of all the statistics stuff being public. It seems a little weird to me that people other than myself can see what my most popular/top rated stories are. Is there a way to hide that? I hid the reading habits stuff, but can’t see a way to hide the other part. I read the other post specifically about user profiles and it seemed to suggest that all the statistical stuff can be hidden. Maybe I’m just dumb but I don’t see a way to do that for the ‘About Swizzington’s work’ section.

So to summarize my thoughts:

Profile picture = good!
Profile text = good!
Typical kinks section w/ categories and tags = good!
All the other rating and activity info = ehh…maybe…if I can opt out fully.

Maybe just switch it to be hidden by default?

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I’m a 20 year old but an “old soul” (blame the people who told me so, not me) so hopefully I can join your club. Yes, I feel similarly. I don’t mind the author profile page, or ratings, but the site is too “flashy” for my liking. It’s loud and pulsating and I’ve always gravitated away from that sort of thing.

I could never stop writing, or even hope to. I’m strange, and proud of that strangeness, and I’m proud to stick to my guns when it comes to my stories. I shy away from series unless absolutely necessary, because I don’t like spamming people’s homepages with my stories. I give my stories all the appropriate tags and no extras. I never force myself to write - I just write when it strikes me. All of these things mean I’m not going to be the most popular, most famous person on the site, but that’s okay. I wouldn’t be anyway. I write about fucking baseball.

But it is frustrating to me how quickly new things get submitted. I almost want to say, “Things were so much better back then,” and risk sounding a lot older than I am. It has nothing to do with administration. @Sexdroid-013 is, I think, the best moderator, or owner, or whatever, that could possibly run a site like this. I’m grateful to him for having the patience to deal with everybody and for keeping the site open. I couldn’t ask for a better man in charge.

But, to me, we’re seeing a massive quantity over quality leap. The amount of series with 20+ parts, and the amounts of grammatical errors, and just laziness, is… well, I like to imagine there was a time when it was better. Long, great one-off stories are pushed off the front page in less than a day by installment number 36 of a story that no one proofread before posting, and installment number 36 ends up being more popular anyway because it’s got 400 tags on it. I hope the tide turns one day.

Even if it doesn’t, though, I’m staying. There’s enough good stuff on here to put up with things that don’t tickle my fancy.

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