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Thanks for letting me know. It’s fixed. And I’m going to look for other stories with the same issue.

Hello, I’m very new to the site and I was wondering if there was a sort function? Like being able to search tags and sort by wank material, hot, mind control, etc

Hi Warhawk,

there are several ways to do that.

On the search page, you can explicitly search for tags and categories (see here for details: Searching for Stories)

You can also restrict the story list by clicking on the “Categories” button and unchecking the categories you’re not interested in.

And of course you can also sort by authorname and storyname by clicking the respective header.

Let me know if you need any further assistance!

The last weeks I’ve made many updates to the site which didn’t bring any obvious or prominent changes, so I never bothered to note them here.

Here’s a summary of all the changes:


  • Author list now shows the number of published stories for each author. The list can also be sorted by this number.
  • Authors with no published story are no longer listed
  • Improved the display of series with multiple authors
  • Logged in authors can now list and see their own stories even if they were marked as ‘deleted’
  • Countless fixes and layout changes

Greetings all you pervs :slight_smile:!

After some break, here’s finally a large update to the site software. Here are the most prominent changes (all of them are listed in the top posting, as usual):


  • The “Top Rated Stories” list can now show previous time periods
  • Using this mechanism, you can now also get a list of the highest rated stories before 2018
  • Added bookmarking of stories (details here)
  • Added “Your Rated Stories” for logged on users (sorted by rating).

I hope you enjoy these changes. Some of them are based on suggestions by the users. So if you have any idea, let me know. Comments are also always welcome.

For quite some time I’ve been thinking about a new official way to allow authors and other artists to promote their work on our site.

Hugh had already implemented a feature to promote his own e-books (and also some e-books of other authors). I’ve now tuned this existing feature a bit and made it available to everyone.

I’m charging a small fee to place a teaser story. In return, the story will be highlighted and pinned on the home page for a couple of days.

I hope this is acceptable to everyone and that there will be some authors and creative people who’d like to use that feature.

Read more about how this feature works here: Sponsored Stories

And, as always, you’re free to share your opinion heard here in this thread or elsewhere in the forum!


  • Added new offer to place Sponsored Stories to the site.
  • Added new menu (Stories->Sponsored Stories) to list all sponsored stories ever placed on GSS.
  • Various bugfixes
  • Added “Disable Pulsing” (in the theme menu, to improve performance on systems which struggle with the animation)
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Today I’ve uploaded a small update which removes the captcha requirement for everyone using an account on GSS.

I’ve also revised the way how it is determined when an rating award icon is shown on a story. The thresholds are no longer fixed, instead they’re calculated dynamically, so that the stories in the top 20% get an icon, and this is calculated for each category separately. Top 10% for silver and top 5% for gold.

The other major thing I’ve changed a couple of weeks ago is that the site now transfers about all data in a compressed form and does an even better job for cache managing. You should have seen a slight improvement in the site’s performance, especially on mobile devices. And it also had a big impact on the data transfer fees I have to pay to Amazon Web Services.

The full list of changes is, as always, in the top posting of this thread.


  • Captcha is now skipped for logged on users. If you hate captcha, simply create an account!
  • Changed the thresholds for the various icons to be shown at the stories. They are now dynamically calculated, so that a story needs to be in the top 20% (10% for silver, 5% for gold) ratings in each category to get the respective icon.

A little treat for our authors:

I’ve added a new statistic display shown to your stories:

That graph shows up as a tooltip when you move the mouse over the rating numbers for one of your stories. It shows how many votes you got for each rating (from 0 to 5). Blue are ratings from anonymous users and golden are ratings from logged in users.

I hope you like it!

Here the usual list of all changes:


  • New statistic view of all ratings given for each category available to the authors.
  • The ratings data is now updated every 10 minutes (before: once an hour)
  • The monthly/yearly/overall rank is now updated every 4th hour (before: once a day).

I decided to slip in another small update since the big update I’m planning is still taking more time.

There were several requests by authors which should be satisfied by this update:

  • It’s now possible to lock the tags, so they cannot be changed by any other user than the author himself (and the admins):
  • It’s now also possible to disallow comments on your stories:
  • And finally, deleted stories are no longer listed for the author on the “Your stories” list unless the author explicitly asks for it.

Another small update is coming soon to introduce themed story contests.

And then there is this big update I’ve been playing around with for quite a while now, but this still has a long way to go…


Thanks Martin! Your efforts to help our community flourish are greatly appreciated.


Just for completion, here the announcement for the latest update:


  • Rearranged the header menu to show the Login / Register function more prominently.
  • Changed “Community” to “Forum”
  • Added the Safe Mode feature
  • Added notification for active Safe Mode

Here’s a list of all updates of today (and the previous days):


  • The rating system will now slightly favor stories with more votes.
  • The number of stories or series listed per page can now be selected at the bottom left of each list.
  • Added a warning message if a tag or a category filter is active (turned out people tend to forget that and wonder why they’re missing content)
  • Introduced Story Challenges
  • Improved User Profile Edit dialog
  • Bugfixes

Small maintenance update:


  • Bugfixes and Improvements on the Story Challenge page:
    • Paging works now
    • Number of entries selection added
    • Comment count shown
    • Caching added
  • Number of entries selection added to the global comment list
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Another maintenance update:


  • Added word count to story display
  • Changed the series navigation bar in the story display
  • “Your Rated Stories” calculation improved
  • Fixed layout of the Story Challenge on mobile phones
  • Series and Author pages are now receiving the nice preview when linked to from Social Media sites like Disord or Facebook et. al.

Thank you for your tireless efforts!!

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Really liking the word count.


Agreed. The word count is a fantastic addition!

Am I dumb, or what does this one mean, exactly?

"Your Rated Stories” calculation improved

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You know the list that can be found at User->Your Rated Stories, don’t you?

That list has been there a long time, but the calculations of the ratings there assumed the value “2.5” for any category you didn’t actually rated a given story with. That was confusing and obviously wrong, as Mr. @tigerwoods pointed out to me.

So I’ve changed that, the value now only takes the categories into account you actually rated a swtory with.

I suggest you also put the word count in the smaller window that holds the story preview as well
(whatever that window is called)

Not sure if that’s such a good idea. I don’t want to scare people AWAY from stories…