NEW SITE IS UP: Gay Cupid Stories

Definitely “Resolution”. Maybe “Acting Out” or “Orientation”, but its been awhile since i read those so I’m not sure. Some of your other earlier stories might count as well.

Does the webpage for gay Cupid stories not work for anyone else? It keeps reloading and adding the ?tz part on repeat.

It’s working for me. Are you trying to go to the home page or are you using some deep link to some other page on the site?

If we post and it’s inappropriate or doesn’t quite fit, would you tell us? I want to post and I’m still developing the story so I sort of don’t know if it’ll stay appropriate to GCS vs. GSS as far as topics are concerned?

Yes, of course, I’ll tell you. If you publish a story, I have to approve it anyway before it gets live.

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Just the homepage from the link at the top of the site. Tried from both mobile and desktop w/chrome. I’ll play around with settings and such after work.

Has anyone else a similar problem?

Can you please give me the link that the site is trying to access (i.e. including the ?tz= part)? I suspect that your browser is giving an invalid format there which could cause the problem