Hypnosis & Mind Control videos

I recently rediscovered my fascination with the tv-show Hex. In the show a boarding school is the battleground for angels, demons and ghosts. The last few episodes of the show deals with Malachi, the son of a fallen angel, that starts corrupting the other students and branding them with his mark. Turning the girls and guys into an army of succubi and incubi doing his bidding. There are some hot shirtless guys in the show and a gay sex dream trown in the mix as well. It is well worth a view. All episodes can be found on YouTube. The storyline kicks in around this episode. You should be able to understand the mind control/slave story without having to watch the rest. https://youtu.be/75y_t8DdhaY

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There are actually gay hypno simulation games although in the format of a dating sim. However, many of them are in Japanese so you will need google translate every time the text box pop up lol.
There is a specific one about a man using a mind control app used to control the athletes of a sports college/school. The illustrations are pretty hot


Whoa, even if they’re in Japanese, would you mind linking them here?

Here you go. You have to pay tho. It is a game product. Just google translate to see the plot story. Enjoy


There is this one too. It is animation however. But I do not know if it is actually brainwashing or just mindbreak.

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This one is for the furries. But it is a gay hypnosis game in the format of a rythm game. Pretty clever actually.

Good stuff there! Thanks for posting. Though it is too bad that there isn’t a gay mind control game in English. hehe

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There are also English animations there…

Gay Hypno Comics

I don’t think there are enough of them to warrant a whole new thread, but I wanted to post some of the gay MC comics I’ve found that I find really hot; hope you enjoy!

“The Fallen Hero” by naop
A famous knight who lead his troops and conquered many kingdoms is taken prisoner along with his young apprentice. He willingly get fucked in the mouth and the ass by all of the soldiers in return for them not touching his young apprentice (who is in love with him). They give him a drug that makes him super horny and slowly scrambles his mind until all he can think about is getting fucked. They make his lovestruck apprentice fuck him, and when his troops finally storm the castle and free him, they find him bouncing mindlessly on his apprentice’s dick.

“Gekkou Saimin Zenpen/Chuuhen” by About (Aabe Kou)
Strong, disciplined Daisuke runs a well-respected dojo with his twin sons, high school seniors. The twins are surprised when their father invites a young man, Touya, to stay with them for a while. Under the guise of ‘special martial training’, Kouya slowly begins to hypnotize and take over the family to fulfill his own sexual fantasies. Unfortunately as (as far as I can tell) the author never made part 3, but I remember this still being a really hot story even without the conclusion

“Inroku Hentai Douga | Inroku Perv Video” by Urahara
A father and son move into a new house, and start to lose sense of time. The houses smells weird, like sweat and cum, and things keep moving around. The son sets up a camera in their bedroom to see if anything happens in the night. The next day they both watch the recording, only to see that the father comes into the son’s room at night and they have sex, fucking, sucking, kissing, drooling into each others mouths, etc. The father and son are freaked out by the video, and discover other cameras in the house, but before they can do anything, their memory is erased, and they start the cycle again, having sex once more, then licking up all the cum to erase the evidence, andgoing about their day once more.

“Kuruko no Basuke dj” by Archea (Sasagawa Nagaru)
A short chubby guy has a crush on Kagami, a hot, tall, muscular, popular guy at his school. He uses a hypnosis spray to get Kagami to become his best friend. He then makes Kagami suck his cock regularly, and eventually fucks him.

“Saimin-han Kyousei Hatten Train” by Abauto (Aabe Kou)
A skeptical man is hypnotized by a fortune teller to be triggered into becoming a slutty fucktoy whenever he hears the word ‘pervert’. When he awakes from the trance, he’s standing in a crowded train, being groped and kissed by a strange man. He tries to object, but his body is moving on its own. Suddenly, the man calls him a pervert, and his mind blanks out, his slutty cumdump persona coming out. As more and more people begin to grope and kiss and fuck him, he falls deeper and deeper. Finally, he gets gangbanged and falls back into trance. When he awakes, he is fully clothed at the bustop with no memory of what happened. He calls a cab to take him home, having no idea that the word ‘pervert’ will trigger him as he ponders going to see a fortune teller…

“KHOZ, The Spellbound Slave” by Gengoroh Tagame
A mage uses his powers to enslave a hot, hairy, muscular guy with a magic tattoo that makes him be obedient. The mage shows him off to his uncle, and lets his uncle have his way with the slave. The uncle senses that the slave still has some fight in him, so they tie him naked to a post to be used/fucked in public. Just then the mage picks up and discards his necklace which is revealed to be a set of modern-day dog tags for veterans.


While all are really hot I find myself particularly enjoying the school one. Helping such a guy like that is super sexy to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the links!

Aabe Kou is the godfather of erotic gay hypnosis manga lol. Too bad he has been inactive for a long while now… Imma post some hypnosis gay japanese porn once I finish work. There is a lot. Even the straight ones are quite hot. Japanese creatives are kinky when it comes to these things I swear lol


Hypnosis and mind control is an actual kink here in Japan (unfortunately more for straight materials). But there are actually a lot of gay hypno manga/porn materials. You just need to know how to look where they are. I might make a thread actually. There used to be a blogspot website of a guy who posted hypnosis related gay manga. But he quit after disagreements with other users of his blog. Sad really cause he had a lot of material that he scanned and took pics of.


Anything you can post here (or on your own thread) would be extremely welcome, I’d love to find more gay hypno manga if you’ve got it!

Is anyone here familiar with the show Noobees? It’s from Nickelodeon but the castmembers are young adults. I have stumbled upon a lot of short clips on YouTube with the male cast being hypnotized. Like A LOT of clips. It appears as if mind control is a rather common theme in the show. But it’s from South America and I have no idea what is going on storywise since I don’t speak spanish. Does anyone know of an english dub or subtitles?

Couldn’t find a version of the NOOBees hypno scenes with English subtitles, but I did find a thread of solid hypno videos on YouTube, including this really good straight one from a show called Legend of the Seeker (which has a lot of other hot scenes scattered around youtube)

The scene in question takes place in medieval times. A sorceress meets a young prince and immediately bends him to her will just by touching him. He falls to his knees and begs her to command him. She then takes control of his kingdom, and keeps him as a servant. He comes to her in her bedchambers afterwards and apologizes for how greedy he was before being bent to her service. She tells him that while that was true, he was also extremely cunning, smart, and handsome; therefore he’s a perfect choice to impregnate her. The scene ends withe her commanding him to take off his clothes and bringing him to bed.

The scene itself is very short and very PG-13, but the concept of turning a smart, cunning, powerful prince into your personal boytoy and stealing everything he ruled over with just a touch is pretty hot to me

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Thank you @Yourmind123 - that link leads to a lot of hypno videos. Although once you watch a few, you realize how much more talented are the people who write for this website. :slight_smile:

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A video of a guy that gets hypnotized to participate in a hypnosis-themed porn source :rofl:

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Link to Sage the Youth Pastor
Link to Dr Smith’s New Trainer Beau
Link to Ace Era’s Twist of Fate
These might not last, but while they’re up, check 'em out!

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The actor Sage the Youth Pastor must be some kind of actor. His clucking, growling and barking are excellent. :slight_smile:

I recommend looking up “Seki Sabato” when looking for hypnosis manga. nhentai has a lot of his hypnosis manga series.