Hypno videos

Is anyone interested in some hot erotic hypno videos - email me at @gmail.com or hit me up on Skype live:.cid.xxx

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These are shady and possibly unauthorized videos done by hypnotist Brian- very unclear if the subs have given permission for this to be recorded or sold over the internet

Ok, I’ll take your word for it. I’ve removed the email address in the original post.

Hey bud…would fucking LOVE to see some amazing hot, erotic hypno videos. Can you send a link here or to BUILT4SEXX@hotmail.com

I would love to see a video but your email doesn’t show. dogdaes@yahoo.com if you could send instructions

I’m interested. Since your email has been removed, I can’t email you. Can you send the link/instructions through to me on drayke9@gmail.com please? Thanks