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Hi, so I’ve been on this site for a while. Even when this was under a different site entirely. There were three stories that I was looking for and can’t remember the name of. I believe they may have been removed but I would be grateful if someone could confirm that.

Plot (first story): It was of a guy using virtual reality simulation. Three chapters, the first one was of him getting a massage. When the guy dominates him and has sex with him and his competitor joins in. Chapter 2, he loses the wrestling match and all the other team members have sex with him. Chapter 3, was him on an island with a simulation of a plane wreck. He doesn’t realize that he’s the native boy that the men are supposed to have sex with. While his competitor is once again the hero.

Plot (Second Story). It was at an army base, this guy is experminated on where he has to obey men. The first one was something fort Condor or Diamond. These man have sex with him despite being straight. In the second chapter his superiors lie to him that they want to do a drill where he pretends to be an Arab and he should disobey the soldiers. However they believe he’s an actual prisoner. The third is, the other prisoners are told he’s their play thing and there’s a riot. Where the guy takes him to Iraq I think. (I Believe the name was ‘Soldier of Misfortune’ or ‘Prisoner of Misfortune’)

Plot (Third Story) This cop goes undercover so the presinct uses these nanobots to turn him into a 19 year old hooker. Instead one of the officers is corrupt and the undercover officer starts thinking his name is ‘Johnny Wad’ and there’s this chapter where even the chief starts thinking he’s a hooker.

I know these are long. But that’s what I remember of those stories. If someone knows, that’d be really cool. Thank you

@pakibttm I have vague recollections of the VR story, but I don’t think I ever got past the first chapter. There are a few stories tagged with videogame, but none of them stand out as being the story you describe -

The undercover cop one I recognise. I seem to remember it involved a remote control that another cop gets his hands on?

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@Viridian I got a reply from Cody. Fill 'Er Up was one of Cody’s stories, which is why it would of been removed.
He had some stalking problems, which is why he asked the NCMC admin at the time to remove all his stories.

So sad that people can’t accept boundaries. I hope Cody is ok now.

Yeah! I believe you know the cop story, it indeed did have a remote control! :slight_smile: glad to know I’m not the only one who remembers it.

Also thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. Shame about the VR story, unfortunately I think they have been removed. :confused:

I seem to remember a story about someone that has a machine that can record the personality of person and transfer/rewrite it to another person? I believe he copies the personality of a biker and transfers it to his neighbour - anyone remember it?

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I’m sorry I’m not much help. But I definitely remember this story. The biker had an aggressive personality which he puts in to his neighbour. I remember reading it a ton, now I can’t recall the name

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I find this could be my last hpoe to find a story i longed for. it’s whether in here or in mcstories. I have tried hard.

It’s a story that a college student (in a athlete team i suppose) hypnotised by a doctor(or a coach). His brother and father was hypnotised too by the same doctor after few chapters.(i suppose there are several chapters). I remember a scene very clearly that their father (and his brother?) was invited to see the doctor. He waited outside the office for a while then was called in to find that his father (and brother?) were in trance. Then the doctor made them have sex with each other. Also in the end he is like hoping his brother join the same university and the team too.

Many thanks to anyone who has a clue. :slight_smile:

I thought this might be the story you meant, but there’s no machine. Does have a new neighbour being turned into a biker though, so maybe you’ll like it anyway.

Hi! It’s not a 100% match, but your description reminded me of a hot story called Student Control.

It’s about how Dr Reshard takes over the lives of one of his students, the student’s cute younger brother and authoritarian father, and eventually the guy’s coach. He uses drugs, subliminal and classic conditioning techniques (pleasure vs induced pain) in a hidden basement. Among it’s hot spots, I’d highlight the brainwashing process, the reluctant inner attitude of the younger brother even after he is converted, and the perversion of innocent family love into sordid lust.

I hope it’s that one, although if it’s not, I guess this could also serve as a recommendation suited to your preferences.

P.S. I couldn’t find the story at Gay Spiral, sorry. I hope no one minds the link being from a different site.

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Dang, I’d never read that one before. Thanks, that’s a good’un!

Hey, thanks so much for the story recommendation.

Unfortunately this is not exactly the story I am searching for. I am sure in that story it’s mainly hypnotism rather than other techniques. I also remember in that very scene there were things like the student entered the room and found that the father is naked or something.

Thanks again for your reply. I am a Asian and English is not my mother tongue. But it’s super cool to find a forum like this with a group of people who shared the same fetish.

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I know EXACTLY what story you’re talking about but I can’t remember the title. I’m gonna search a few other sites to see if I can’t find it.

It’s the postscript of Wrestlr’s story Infiltration:

@Piko Student Control is one of my all-time favorites (Chapter 19 is just WOW, kind of inconvenient you have to go to a different side to read the whole story: Do you happen to know any other stories like that one?

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This is it !!! Thank you sooooooo much !

Wow! Thanks a bunch! I didn’t know there was more! It’s one of my all time favorites as well. I consider it a classic, and I return to it every now and then.

You seem to know a lot of stories already so I don’t think I can be of much help, but I’ll give it a long thought and see what I find in my mind’s library.

I :heart: this thread, by the way lol

I am looking for the Mind control series names [something like] Changing Tim Tebow. Help, please.

You remember the name right, but the story is no longer in the archive, probably because it deals with a real person. Copies of the NCMC archive have it.

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Looks like that was a wiki story and I’m assuming it was removed under the new guidelines because it featured a real person.

Here’s an archive page that shows it, but with a dead link:

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