Helping find stories

I recognise that, but I’m struggling to think of any more details that could help find it.

Hey, I’m just thankful I’m not imagining it!

Not specific story, but does anyone have any recs from nifty? I was recently introduced to abracadra923 from there and got hooked, and was wondering if there are any other really good authors from there. MC/corruption stories prefered

Wrestlr is an author that a lot of us have read on Nifty but apparently he has a separate site where he puts all his stuff:

Hi all, hoping to get help on finding a series that was definitely on here since the end of 2019. It was about a young guy in college who lives in a house with a few roommates and he’s fairly antisocial with them. He’s got a dog and while walking his dog he runs into his new neighbors, two daddy types that are able to exert control through their touch. He starts hooking up with one of them in the first part and then hooks up with the other in the second part. I’m pretty sure the main guy’s name was Christopher, but he went by Topher. I’ve tried looking for it and am thinking it might have been taken down… The author was a fairly popular one and seemed to be taking some time off after the first couple parts, based on his comments in the comment section.

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That’s a story by Twan Anderson which has been taken down together with all his stories by his own request.

We had a disagreement which escalated (which was my fault, too) and as a result he left and took his stories with him.

Ah, shame to hear that. Thanks for the help!

Sorry, everyone. I accidentally posted this in a different forum before I found this thread. I’m wondering if you someone can help me find a story cause it’s been driving me crazy, and I can’t seem to find it. It’s a brainwash story where a young guy has a porn addiction. He ends up spending all of his money on porn. Ultimately he has to move to a rundown apartment. Soon, he can’t pay his rent. Slowly he turns from straight to gay. The landlord takes advantage of him, and now the landlord makes the young man do porn. I’d really appreciate help finding it. I really loved it, and it’s a much older story.

Hello everyone,
looking for a story I read… last week (its concerning how bad my memory is). It was about some dude who made alterations to a straight guy from his job to make him gay and his lover only to end up as a slave by the end because the straight dude regained his memory.

Hmmmm. I think you might be talking about this one?


Hello Hello!
I’ve been looking for this story about someones husband wondering why his husband is so close to his family. Like an odd way of being close to them.

and he finds tapes about how the husband was hypnotized by their father(?) when they were younger.

so now I think it’s the nephew that are controlling the guy and twins too.
the nephew got them to have a cumming competition by sticking chopsticks into their piss slit and have them cum.

not sure if it’s from MCstories or in the old eroticgaystories archive.
thanks in advance!

another one where some nerdy kid uses some hypnotic gas to control the football team.
the gas make them suggestible and also find things a lot funny.
the nerd got them to do jumping jacks by calling the coach on the phone. If I remember it right, there were a couple of coach assistants too.

I think it has a 2nd chapter where the coach got the nerd in the end with his own hypnotic gas. The coach farted in a balloon or bottle and got the nerd to sniff it.

Thanks !!

it is! thank you

Trying to find a story that was a three part series; one guy ended up getting with his dad for the first story, a random guy off the street for the second, and his brother for the third. He was super confident with a bro personality and kept lulling everyone into relaxing while he kept suggesting things; I know the third story with his brother had him try to convince his brother into letting him fuck him, when he already convinced him to jack him off beforehand.

I’ve been searching a lot of phrases and keywords that I thought were in the story, relating to relaxing or “bro” or laughing, but I can’t seem to find it. I also thought I favorited the thing, but it’s not in my favorites either.

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Having read The Room-mate, a multi story chapter where ‘Phil’ caused other men to grow muscles,much to his chagrin. I’m sure there are other stories here and elsewhere with a similar theme.
A guy causes other guys to grow bigger muscles and/or bigger cocks,in some cases,to his physical/mental detriment (being a bit dark in my fantasies,i prefer this.The good guy does not always have to win? foe example what if Phil in the Room mate stayed small,others grew bigger.).

Any story where the guy willingly and enthusiastically makes other guys grow is just as hot.

Any pointers to any?

Does anybody here remember a story about a man going to a hypnotist to quit smoking and having it turned on him in some way? I think he ends up replacing smoking with sucking dick. I know I read it more than a year ago now, so I’ve forgotten almost all the details, but it just popped up in my head a few days ago that such a story existed, and now I really want to know what it was. Does anybody remember that?

Was it Ad-dick-tion by Tarash.

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Holy shit, it was! Thank you so much for your help, Heru. I’m surprised it’s on AO3, but that’s definitely it. Thanks again.

That reminds me of the first scene from Going Under! If you liked that story, you should check this out, if porn’s your thing

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This also reminds me of an old old story on Myfriendsfeet called Yuri - Cured of Smoking. It’s similarly about a guy going to a hypnotist for help to quite smoking, but was made to worship his own feet as a consequence. Too bad that was not continued onto a second part.