FeatureRequest: 'Interactive' Series Format

A series format that allows for users to upload Choose-Your-Own-Change style interactive story.

I suggest the easiest way to implement this is make an ‘Interactive’ series format which behaves as follows;

Removes the “previous/next chapter” bar or, replaces it with a “go to first chapter” button only.

Remove the rating feature for individual chapters and instead make it one rating / comment section for the entire series.

Lower the word count threshold to similar to that of a community story.

Allow Authors to upload chapters “invisibly” so the home page isn’t flooded by dozens of bits of out-of-context interactive story chapters, and the designated first chapter only is posted to the home page ‘Latest stories’.

Authors can make their own “go here” or “go here” using hot links (this feature already exists, via just using links correctly so no point making work) and when they submit all 64 chapters of their interactive masterpiece, the website visitors will only see the beginning of series, not have a home page flooded with tiny bits of an interactive story.

In time to come, you could have a “new chapters added” alert for when an author uploads expansions to his interaction, (say they add another 6 mini-branches).
The series would show up again on the Latest Stories, (just like when you add a new chapter to a series) except it would still pop up from the interactive’s chapter 1.


If this becomes a thing - and I’ll admit, I enjoyed it a bit when CYOC did it - I wonder if we might need a tab on the main page for ‘interactive’. Maybe separating them out would make it easier to show when new branches are added without flooding the front page.

true, it would work as a totally different type of submission to the regular GSS ‘Stories and Series of stories’ format.

The above suggestion was just to make it as absolutely ‘path of least resistance’ work-load wise.

I don’t mind the work if it has merrit. A half-assed solution might not be accepted.

I think the most important part would be to make it easier to add the links. Most people struggle with how to add links. I’m not happy with the editor atm, but changing and/or extending it, is a real bitch-work.

I wanted to work on the editor, to allow easy upload and embedding of images, too.

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I love this idea! CYOC is what got me into some of these genres.

I agree with Derek that it would probably be best to have its own section. I’d want to be able to see new interactive updates (so not making them totally invisible) but agree that I wouldn’t want that spamming the main story page.

I also agree that adding the links would be the tough part. On CYOC they were always at the end of the prose part, a variable number of links to other pages where the story continues. A writer of one interactive part could leave suggestions of what the link would lead to, and if another writer clicked that they could add their continuation or change the name/link and create a different continuation.

That might be better than in-line links in the middle of a story.

True, but keep in mind this is “for Authors to write interactive stories”

Not ‘to replicate CYOC’
CYOC is interactive stories yes, but it’s also open collaboration.
To get that effect here, it would have to be both an interactive story, AND a community story.

I like the sound of this. It feels tidier than the current use of the collaborative tool to create Choose Your Own Adventure-like stories. So my whole support to this. Still, I wonder if it wouldn’t fit better on a sister Gay Spiral Stories site :thinking: Even if the range of genres used were to keep revolving around control, the form would still be completely different from your average static one-way stories.

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This is a bit of a tangent, I suppose, but since a number of folks write interactive stories using the twine engine, could we also make it possible to host those stories here on GSS? Since twine stories are just HTML files, I don’t think it necessarily be difficult, though it might be hard to moderate them. It might be an option to think about at least. If the hosting cost is high, it could be a feature that requires sponsorship of the site.

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Why not just use itch.io to publish Twine stories?

To integrate them into GSS while keeping the general flow, look and feel of GSS intact would be quite a challenge.

I do use itch.io generally, was just curious if it was something anyone else was interested in. No sweat if not.