Favourite Stories from Other Sites?

This might already be a topic, but I wanted to know, what are some of your favourite MC stories from other sites? I mostly use gayspiralstories.com for my erotic fiction fix, but I’d love to see some of your best-loved classics from other site, like mcstories, AO3, Literotica, etc.

An Acquired Taste is a story from Archive of Our Own is one of my favourites. Its about an incubus, Devin, who owns a nightclub he uses to prey on his next sexual conquest. Tonight, he ever so slowly mind-fucks a handsome straight football player (who was dragged to Devin’s gay bar by his sister) into his personal cum-addicted jock bitch.

Screensaver is a hot tale from mcstories, about a straight man trying to use some code to hypnotize the hot women in his office, except the only one who responds to his subliminals is Dan, the gay IT guy

I’d Do Anything For Love (But…) from Literotica tells the story of a man who’s wife wants to have an mmf threesome, so he visits a hypnotherapist to help him get over his repulsion.

Do you have any favourites of your own? Post a link and description here!


Nephew’s Readjustment from Literotica is a nice, long transformation story from normal student to sissy gay slut.

Emo Becomes Chav Slave on nifty is nice for its realism. Unfortunately not finished, so from time to time I speculate on where the story would go.

I’ve been going through quite a lot of the transformation stories on Nifty. Team Spirit is my favorite m2f story I think. Curse Breaker is a great setup for why supernatural forces would literally and figuratively fuck with a guy.

There’s a certain style of dominance that I enjoy that very few gay authors write, but a lot of straight ones do. It’s hard to put my finger on it precisely, but it’s basically clueless corruption—the subject’s actions and desires are slowly being altered but they either don’t know or don’t care that those aren’t what they used to be, or even that their reality is no longer objective reality (like the “banana” in Web of Trust). That style seems to be more common in straight male-dominant stories, so sometimes I have a look at those. I don’t have a specific favourite story, but I like several of Pan’s stories on MC Stories.


Love this story.


Honestly very much this. Besides the whole woman thing a lot of straight stories have the pov (the male dominant hypnotist) and the the nature of the control (like you suggest) that just make it hot.

Honestly, I spend some time every Saturday looking at the update list on MCarchive to see which stories have been expanded upon. I end up reading many of the straight ones while imagining it being guys in the woman’s place. Pan is, like you say, a major version of it. In fact the new story called Diet is one that I really like, though instead of sister and mom I imagine brother and father, hehe.

PS @RobinHood70 YES. The banana element in your story was like a perfect example of pure hotness. The not realizing things are changing but then when they do they are fine with it cause everything feel just so great is absolutely amazing.


This! Even though it ends up going in a different direction than I would’ve preferred (I like the mind controller to be the top/dom generally), Manners Maketh Man by Pan is one of my favourite stories, and it showcases a very specific kind of MC that I really like, where the people being controlled don’t realize anything is different.

A reality bender changes a family, making the youngest son gay and in love with his father & brother; the RB tells the rest of the family to happily do whatever the son tells them as long as he says “please” first, allowing the son to grope and kiss and rut against his relatives as much as he wants as they casually go about their day, none the wiser to his advances

I don’t think this story is on GSS, and it’s quite old, so maybe a few people haven’t read it.

It’s a bit weird in places and I don’t like the feminization aspects that come later, but the actual hypnotic induction is probably my favorite. Like, ever. I go back to that one section every now and then (and I pretty much never read things more than once) because I just find it so fucking hot.


Yes, I stumbled upon Manners Maketh Man by Pan recently and fell in love with it, as well as a few other of Pan’s stories. I agree that, despite them being straight stories, the element of oblivious corruption of the minds and complete rationalization of their actions is something that’s harder to find with M/M stories. I can still find pleasure in reading those, I just quickly skim through any in-depth passages of female genitalia or sex scenes.

Another author with M/F stories on MCStories that I like is Kris P. Kreme. Obviously the main theme is incest, but it’s also along the same idea of oblivious corruption that I like a lot. I particularly enjoyed Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfires and the spin-off continuation Bully Blitz - Chet’s Chaotic Conquest by webb025 (a favourite M/M author of mine).

A couple other stories that I enjoyed elsewhere that don’t seem to be posted here: Psi Games by Andy Masters, and stories by Wrestlr.

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I like works by Ben10Yaoi, but his works were posted on y-gallery, and have since been taken down. One of my favourties is still hosted on AO3. Hunted Huntsmen,. He does mostly straightforward mind control and degredation. I think he has some old works on fanfiction.net, but some of them are about underaged characters, so I am leery of linking them.

If you don’t mind furry/furry + rubber you can check out Tiranmaster, Zsisron and Serathin.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with ChiBoxerBoi’s work–he used to have a Tumblr, but then had to move to Blogger–but his stories are so good. They’re mostly text, but they also include a number of photoshopped porn images. Some of my favorites are the “Pods” series, “In a Class by Himself,” “The Corporation” series, “Doctor Mesmer,” and his current series entitled “The Signal.” https://chiboxerboi.home.blog/

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Same here. I mentioned Manners Maketh Man in my response post, but there’s so many really hot straight stories that really pinpoint the exact stuff I like about the MC kink. It’s why I started doing edits/rewrites if straight stories, ‘cause so many of them hit all the right buttons for me, except for the fact that they were about dominating women

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@RobinHood70 can you give me a few recommends. do you have any fav stories on nifty.org and which of pan’s stories did you like best