Dominant Bottoms

Is anyone else into the idea of a bottom twink taking control of a hot straight jock and using his dick for his own pleasure? Controlling the tops orgasm and turning him into a hot dumb sex toy.


That’s just a hot fantasy. Woof.

Im currently writing a story wherea hot mormon jock gets controlled and used by a twink bottom. Just curious if people like the idea


Omg please!!! I have been requesting this kinda stuff forever. There need to be more bottoms taking the tops they want!

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I hope to have my first story out in a few days. But I intend to do a long series about Tommy the Twink, who dominates different men and uses them for his own pleasure and enslaves them to his ass. If I get good feedback on my first story I will write the rest of what I had planned


Dude that’s crazy coincidental. I’ve commissioned a multi chapter story with that same basic idea, and the main character’s name is Tim. Lol I originally named him Timmy but we decided on just Tim.

In fact Chapter 1 just got approved and posted to the site today lol

Born to be Bred


Damn thats a hot story, can wait to read the next chapter. Ill have to share mine with you and let me know what you think.


This is so hard to find – I’ve tried writing a story about a Dominant, Manipulative Bottom, but I don’t think I’m as good writing about it as I am fantasizing about it, unfortunately. Dominant Bottoms have been a kink of mine for quite some time now.

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Ill hopefully release my first story of my ‘Tommy the Twink’ series. The first one is titled ‘The Mormon Missionary’ and you’ll see just what a dominant bottom Tommy is :wink:

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I love this dynamic!! I generally find any less stereotypical roles fun and engaging — small top big bottom, dom bottom sub top, etc. It’s fun an unexpected, and makes for more interesting power dynamics at times imo!
I’m personally a bit of a softie and more into consensual or romance-driven stories in my own writing, but I’d love to read the story you mentioned you’re working on!

Yes, definitely into it. There were 2 tumblr accounts that I followed but since the tumblr purge I don’t know if they will be continuing to post. Here’s the current stories I’ve been able to read and find. The second link is one of the two tumblr accounts I loved. and


Hey man, thanks for the shout out :slight_smile: I’m still alive and well on Tumblr. I also posted a new story called Dumb Jock Roommate, please check it out and let me know what you think!

And @Dominant_bottom, I can’t wait for Tommy the Twink!


@Elmara the dumb jock roommate story was amazing dude! Looking forward to the next installment!

There was a tumblr I paid attention to that did a lot of bottom hypnotist/top subject captions and stories, the idea being that the top coming into the bottom was a physical manifestation of him surrendering his will and autonomy to the bottom. It was some pretty smoking-hot stuff.

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Is that tumblr still around? I love anything like that

Might be interested in my story Mysterious Boyfriend X. There is some of this kind of content in the third chapter, particularly.

Here’s a link to part 1


I can’t wait for a continuation of that series which I just recently discovered!


Tragically, I think the guy who ran it basically deleted it once the Tumblr porn purge was a certainty

I love a Dom bottom haha probably could tell by my name. Def not a lot of content out there! excited to see some hot stories being written

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