Do u like superhero?

As the topic said,are there someone like superhero got Brainwashed?

superman is one of the easiest, there is a pink Kryptonite that temporarly reveses a kryptonian’s sexuality, just give him a anything with it or a tattoo whose ink is made with Pink K (that is canon, but only used once) it’s easier to do and has a canon explanation (other then the one that are canonicly gay or Bi)

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Check my stories “Spritzed” (Batman) and “Alien Fish” (Aquaman)

I like it when a mastermind takes over a coterie of both heroes and villains and keeps them publically acting normal while behind the scenes he dominates and manipulates and has fun with them all.

With even certain good and evil encounters being as part of his plans. :slight_smile:

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i would love more robin stories

I might be working on a story with this :eyes:

Cool, looking forewords to it, also I’m planning super hero straight to gay reality shift story without corruption, bu I have 3 SFW stories before it on my list

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superman and batman

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Rainbow Lantern would be an interesting character to develop. You could parody the entire Green Lantern/Oa apparatus.

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cool, man

Cool and would be interested to see if