Dick Shrinkage and Humiliation

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I’m always looking for new and more stories about dick shrinkage and humiliation. You have any ideas where I can find some? any recommandations? Or any writers have some mean shrinkage stories planned? x

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Did you do a tag search (on ‘cock shrink’) for this? :wink:

For your convenience, just click on this:


This scene in the beginning of a longer, unfinished story of mine might fit the bill: http://phantompassenger.tumblr.com/post/169685862625/whos-the-boss

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I did one that’s posted on the free site, fictionmania.tv. You can use their search function to find it. Just enter the title, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MANHOOD. It’s a wife taking control of her husband, not a gay theme. If you read and like it, feel free to leave a review there. ENJOY.

I have created a new website to list gay cock shrinking stories at emptyundies.com. If you have any stories you want to see listed, please let me know. I will keep the list updated regularly as I receive new links. The contact information is listed on the blog. You can also visit my main blog, wiptopping.com, if you haven’t already - I write a lot of cock shrinking stories.

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Always have loved your Dick Shrinking stories.

anyone up for a dick shrinking RP on skype? itstimeforsomefun is my name

I wrote a fairly lengthy story on this topic recently. You can find it here:

I wouldn’t mind writing more stories similar to this, since small cocks and cock shrinking are also major turn ons for me. But I know they can be turn offs for a lot more people, so any story I write with them would probably take a hit in terms of ratings. If I think of another scenario that would be especially sexy, I’ll be sure to post about it here.

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My story “Retainer” has humiliation and you may find some shrinkage in future yet to be released chapters. I would love to hear what you think. https://www.gayspiralstories.com/newStory/show/1405528

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