Categories & Tags


On several places, you can add, edit or search for tags.

Tags are used to give the reader an idea what the story is about and what kind if things, fetishes, character, themes etc. he can expect to find in a story. They are essential for the reader to find the stories he’s looking for!

Each story must have at least three tags. You can add any amount of tags, but more than 5-8 tags are rarely useful. If the tags are too specific, noone will search for them. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to create all new tags which are probably only going to be used on a single story.

Any user can add or delete tags on any existing story!

Please help the community by fixing erroneous or missing tags!

Edit Tags

The following widget appears on the bottom of every story (for authors who submit or edit their story, it looks and works the same):

You can tags just by typing. The browser will show you all tags that are matching your input. Select the proper tag with the mouse or keyboard. Press the comma-key (,) to commit a tag and start a new one.

The color of the tags reflect if they are ‘categories’ (blue), ‘main tags’ (green) or standard tags (grey). Main Tags are listed on the first page of the tag dialog, use them whenever possible.

If you add a completely new tag it will be shown in flashing red. Please reconsider if you really need it, maybe there’s an existing tag fitting your need or maybe it’s to specific. Only add new tags if really necessary.

Alternatively you can use the blue button image on the left to get a list of all existing tags:

You can select or deselect any number of tags in this dialog, and the tag widget will be properly updated as soon as you leave the dialog.

A small tag icon marks tags which have aliases. They will show up if you hover over a tag with the mouse. Alias are used to return story with similar tags when searching for them.


All of the stories on this site are about gay mind control, but there are different “kinds” of mind control, like hypnosis, drugging, magic etc.

Some of readers prefer or dislike some variations, so I added the “category” field to each story. It has to be set by any author when he’s submitting a new story.

An algorithm tried to determine a category based on the tags, but that obviously didn’t work on all the stories. Because I didn’t want to depend on the authors for fixing that, it’s possible for any user to set a category when viewing a story.

Please help us by setting a category whenever you come across a story where it’s missing!

Just select the category and click the update button.

The categories are listed on the main page in each story. You can click the category to find more stories with the same category. In a soon-to-come update, it will be possible to preselect the categories on the main page.


It would be useful if we could have more of a description, or maybe a popup, for each category (and maybe something for the “official” tags as well, though that could get large). Alternatively, a link to a page describing them would be another way to go. That would be helpful in deciding which categories and/or tags a story fits into if there’s some ambiguity.

Looking at just the category as an example, in one of my old, unpublished stories, my main character is someone who mentally affects those around him over time. It’s not technically pheromonal, nor is there any magic beyond the passive effect, and it’s not directly under his control…people around him just start wanting to do things for him, more like a mutation effect than anything. If I ever actually published the story, I’d probably group it under pheromonal, since it’s a similar style of passive effect even if it’s not actually smell-based. But, an argument could be made that it’s magic or maybe even reality change or transformation. Having a specific description beside each one might help make it more clear for cases like these which category the story would fit into best.

I do have a question, as long as it contains mind control elements of a male, can it have elements of romance to it? Er, or poly settings such as MMM or MMF?

Absolutely! I’ve seen lots of stories on the site that have romances in them. Poly is also fine, regardless of the configuration. Actual sex with women is…rather uncommon, let’s say…but there are no rules against it that I’m aware of.

Awesome. :slight_smile: I tend to read all kinds of poly spicy romances but I’ve never gotten around to ever writing one. I definitely haven’t written any kind of mind control stories yet, but if I ever get past my reading addiction, I’ll have to try my hand at it.

At the moment, I’ve been re-reading Baralai’s Enforcer story. Baralai’s got some awesome stories but I think that one just became my ultimate favorite. Hm, actually it’s the one that’s inspired me to try my hand. lol

I’ll need to find similar ones to read. :smiley: