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I’ve been on so many forums and other sites like this one throughout the years, and this is the first time that I’ve seen an owner ask for feature suggestions.

Just want to say thanks and again mention how amazing you’ve been as the owner of this site!


If we knew ‘Feature Request’ was going to be so well received, we would have requested it in the Feature Request a long time ag— wait a minute!!


Would you be able to sort stories by rating and category?

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Sorting by rating is not something I want to implement. That’s a conscious decision. I don’t want to create a “top x list” of stories.

You can already filter by categories:

That filter is active for all the lists on GSS once you’ve set it.

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Understood, sir! Well intentioned and thanks for manning the helm.

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When I go through it sometime feels like some stories under tagged I think it would be beneficial to allow a user’s to apply tags and have a separate search function to filter with or without these user generated tags

Hey GayandTired!

You can actually add tags yourself to any story, below each story is a special widget that allows you to add and remove tags. Best would be to add tags that are already known by the system, to see a list of these, click the three lines button on the left of the widget:

You can also search for tags already. The easiest way is just to click on a tag in the list of stories, that will automatically open a search window listing all stories tagged with the same tag.

But you can also start a manual search with the ‘Seatrch’ function and select a list of tags you’re looking for. When you’re done with your changes, click the “Update” button on the right to save your changes.

And, finally, you can block certain tags you don’t want to see ever. That will block all stories which are tagged with any of the tags you’ve defined from being listed anywhere.

To block tags, you can use the ‘Block Tags’ widget:

I hope that’s helping you, let me know if you have additional questions!